Quetscher’s melodica recording


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    So, I’ll try first…

    This is a little irish tune that I recorded yesterday when I had seen Troy’s video which seemed to be quite inspiring to me…

    I played the Vibrandoneon VB600 Mk II (with both hands, of course) and used a Rode NT-2A for recording, just added a little reverb and that’s it.


    Very nice Quetscher, I also like your version of Misty.


    Love it! Thanks for posting, Quetscher.


    Very nice playing Quetscher. That is a beautiful sounding instrument you have there. Misty was moving and warm.



    I like this Quetscher! 😀
    are you adding the left hand by using a hose or reaching your left hand over the top and playing upside down or some other method?
    This really shows off the wonderful tone of the Vibrandoneon.


    Hi everybody,

    thanks to you all for giving me such an encouraging feedback. I’m looking forward to hearing your recordings, I’m keen on learning a lot from you!

    When I play with both hands the Vibrandoneon is resting on my left thigh bottom down while I sort of hug it with my left forarm and this way press it against my belly and chest. So I can even use the original S-pipe. (By the way, I always play like this, it seems to be more comfortable to me than other ways to hold it).

    Thanks for your comment on Misty. The warm and dark sound on that recording is the result of covering the grille with some foam. You can even take the end of a swab and change between covering and uncovering the grille to produce a nice WahWah. That’s what you can do with no other melodica but the Vibrandoneon.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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