Melodica Hamond Pro 44 vs Hp 44

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    First of all, I would like to wish you a happy new year.

    I’m looking to buy a Melodica Hamond Pro 44. On Amazone, I see 2 modals available: Melodica Suzuki Hammond Pro44h and Melodion Suzuki Hammond 44hp. What’s the difference between these two? Which one should I get?


    Hello Olivier, if you go to the review section here on Melodica world there are a couple of descriptions that may help. If you want to hear the difference between the both check out Monsters of Melodica “Sugar” solo section for the Hammond 44

    and Monsters of Melodica “Spain” Solo section for the Hammond HP

    the 44 is darker than the HP I like them both.
    Hope this helps


    Hello Melodica-Me,
    Thanks for your answer. I watched the videos you linked and I read the reviews. My biggest worry is to find it too heavy. I currently have a Suzuki M37C. I ordered the hp44 on Amazone. Do you think I will be able to return it if I don’t like it?

    AvatarAlan Brinton

    It is heavier, Olivier, but even if you find it a bit heavy or bulky for some uses (which I do), I doubt you’ll want to return it because of the sounds you can get at the bass end that are not available on other melodicas. Amazon return is usually not a problem.


    You know, I tend to like dark sounding melodicas but as A/B these solo sections, I find that I love the hollow sound of the HP. Lowboy


    Will I get higher notes with the hp44 than with my Suzuki M37C or I will get lower notes? I can’t wait to recieve it.

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