Melodica Expressiveness Techniques

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    I have not posted many thoughts on Melodica World during the last few years for several reasons not worth mentioning.

    My guess is there are many new faces on Melodica World these days.

    Hence, as I come back on line, I would like to revisit a couple of my recordings to introduce newer members to some innovative development work I completed in the past. For those that know me, I think the two recordings I am suggesting are worth revisiting as well.

    Recently, I listened to most of my keyboard harmonica recordings on SoundCloud. And to my surprise, the recordings I was directing people to were not always the best demonstration of the expressive potential of the keyboard harmonica (as I like to call it).

    So for those interested in hearing new expressive modulations from the keyboard harmonica, I would suggest the following. Go to and search for Lowboy Bootay. Then on my SoundCloud page, listen to these two recordings:

    1. Blues Jam with Melodica
    2. Study in Melodica Modulations

    If you listen with a keen ear, there are many subtle expressive techniques used in these recordings, but the main techniques produce frequency modulation, volume modulation, wah wah effects, and note bending at speed.

    If you have an interest in opening a discussion about these expressive techniques, I would be happy to engage on Melodica World.



    Alan Brinton

    Thanks, Lowboy. Those are terrific.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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