Melodica Embouchure?

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    Hi All,

    I am new to melodica and haven’t played any kind of wind instrument since grade school though I have played piano fairly regularly since then. I just started playing a new Suzuki M-32C (which unfortunately has a key that is sounding intermittently– see my post about this on the Construction/Repair/Maintenance forum). The Suzuki comes with the “trumpet mouthpiece” and the tubing mouthpiece (which I am finding to be too short for me if I place the melodica on a table and play the keys with my elbow parallel to table surface).

    Couple basic questions regarding embouchure for these mouthpieces:

    1.) What is the “proper” way (or your preferred way) of using the trumpet mouthpiece? Do you place your teeth against the circular ridge and then put your lips over that ridge or do you not use your teeth and just pucker your lips when blowing into the it (or maybe something else entirely)?

    2.) Similarly for the tubing mouthpiece– what is your preferred way to hold it in your mouth?

    3.) Any other tips on basic embouchure (and maybe breathing if they are connected) dos and don’ts would be appreciated.



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