Gasket replacement?

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    Henry Lowengard

    Hi free-reeders!
    I suspect that Mylodica I fixed up could stand having a new or at least a tighter gasket. What are your repair ideas? It takes too much air to start up; especially compered to the good ol Pianica, which speaks easily.
    I have some robbery plumber’s tape that I could trim to size I think. I could caulk it with silicone too. But I’d like to hear your advice!

    Henry Lowengard

    Hey! I tried plumber’s tape (the stretchy, self sticking type), and it worked great!
    But more advice would be nice!


    Hi, Henry, I see a plethora of plumber’s tape out there. What’s the name of what you used, and is it silicon based? Thanks.

    On second thought, the silicons look like they stick to themselves more than they do other items. I wonder exactly HOW that is useful for plumbing.

    Daren Banarsë

    I use self adhesive rubber tape for gaskets. This one’s 1.5mm thick, you can find other thicknesses. I cut it the width I need with a long metal ruler and a scalpel. Works great!

    Henry Lowengard

    The tape I used is silicone pipe repair tape, about 1mm, sorry I don’t know the brand. You stretch it a little and it activates! I trimmed it down, and it stuck on pretty well by itself. It makes a huge difference in playability!
    I wonder if my Suzuki Melodion bass-24 could stand some tightening? Its always needed lots of air!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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