CBA Vibrandoneon For sale. Beyond rare.

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    Jerry Ballard

    The rarest and best sounding of all melodica style instruments, the Victoria Vibrandoneon.
    It took me 3 years to get this instrument made, and you will not find one anywhere. I searched for 5 years before talking Victoria into making this last one.

    $2400 + shipping

    This is a single reed version as configured. As with my piano Vibrandoneon, using both the 8’ and 4’ reeds consumes too much air for the heavily chordal work I do. So I had the 4’ reeds removed and blocked, But they are complete and will be included should you want to reconfigure as a ‘octaves’ type of voicings.

    A horn style water valve has been installed on the air pipe to reduce condensation.

    The sound is much richer than found on any melodica, due to reeds and fine wood cabinet. Almost a clarinet sound. (Sorry, I don’t know if the reeds are a mano or tipo, only know that Victoria had to employ a local reed maker, one of the reasons for taking so long to make it.)

    3-mic pickup system installed in the cover by Kimric Smythe in Oakland.

    Victoria originally made it with one of their transparent plastic back covers, which not only looked terrible but seemed to increase condensation. So I made a custom back paneld from cherry wood, and a simple pair of attached rubber stoppers for quick opening to ventilate.
    Disclosure… Since this was not built under Victoria’s partnership with Guido, its technically not a ‘Vibrandoneon’. But a rose is a rose, and its value is in its sound, not in its collector value.

    The case is custom hard shell that I designed myself for better protection than the original.

    See photos at
    Hear/see it at

    Jerry Ballard

    Oh, and this is a ‘C System’ instrument. ) uttons have been returned to their original pattern since this video.)

    Jerry Ballard


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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