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    Alan Brinton

    This isn’t a melodica specific topic, but I wonder if others in this forum use Band In A Box with their melodicas. My focus is mainly on Jazz tunes, and I took up the melodica mainly for the purpose of learning Jazz standards, getting a better appreciation of the as a serious Jazz listener, and trying to do a little improvising. BIAB, which my Jazz pianist brother recommended, has been proving invaluable. There are several sources for free download of large collections of BIAB files, for the Standards in particular. BIAB will transpose into any key you want, you can change the tempo, and hundreds of different styles are incorporated into BIAB. You can have it playing with or without the melody and choose which instruments (including some real instruments) you want to accompany your playing. You can also print lead sheets from the files, record your own playing along and produce an MP3 recording for playback. And much more, including looping. Anyone who has BIAB already knows all this, of course.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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