Reply To: The new "Ballone Burini" Vibrandoneon


Hey Troy, hey Oscar,

thanks for your your comments, I’ll take everything in account you told me.

Just some remarks:

Oscar, my trader actually does build in melodica-mics made by HDS, but I’ll ask if BB itself could provide a mic system.
I’m sure they have already finished the design of the Vibrandoneon and the case, so it might be difficult to get tools within the case, but that I’ll ask that, too.

Troy, I didn’t think of a small moisture hole, more something like they had in the old Eolina which was a brass plate at the bottom of about 5x4cm which you could remove, so you could even clean the inside. But I’m pretty sure that they will build the new Vibrandoneon exactly like this.
I was also thinking of a grille with a hinge and a handle to produce WahWahs…
I think that there will be no possibility to double octaves with the new Vibrandoneon, as far as I understood there will only be one set of reeds for blowing and one for sucking. But if I’m mistaken I will certainly ask for such a lever because it was always so inconvenient to change registers.

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