Reply To: The new "Ballone Burini" Vibrandoneon

Jerry Ballard

Just discovered this site, and I’m really excited about this news.
I have more questions than are probably appropriate for a single post, but here goes.
(I’m also sending these to Ballone Burini directly, but expect that this forum will provide quicker response.)

1) What is the reputation of Ballone Burini as an instrument maker? I’m not familiar with them. How do they compare to Victoria in quality and craftsmanship?
2) The Info page at refers to 49 and 37 key “P” and “B” models (I assume meaning ‘piano’ and ‘button’ respectively) but also BW and PW. Does this refer to a ‘wooden’ model?
3) “440,441,442” tunings. I’m not familiar with this option in free reed instruments. Why would one choose one over the others? Advantages?
4) Is it likely that they can produce a Bandoneon ‘tremolo’ (they offer ‘other’)
5) Is their order form linked from the Vibrandoneon page just a generic form that applies to all of their accordions, and if so are there options that they don’t offer for Vibrandoneons?
6) Any word on prices?
7) any word on when it will be available?

Again, this is really exciting news. I’ve been treating my VB600 MkII like a Stradivarius because its irreplaceable (which I should probably do anyway) 🙂

Looking forward to participating in this forum!

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