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Alan Brinton

I have been using the M-32C as my primary melodica for the past month and am really liking it. I decided yesterday to get accurate readings of its tuning. I am using gStrings Tuner on my Galaxy Note 10.1. The Note 10.1 has excellent speakers for a tablet, and these also function as its microphones. The gString settings allow for calibration to A=440 (the default) or whatever, and also for other parameters controlling microphone sensitivity and stability of readings. I am tuning to A=443, which has with other melodicas reinforced my impression that most are factory tuned to A=443 (not so clear with the M-32C). I am looking to tune keys to within 1.0 hz. I run through all the keys twice to recheck my initial readings, and then focus on just those keys that are confirmed as 1.0+ flat or sharp in relation to the A=443 standard. I then retest all those keys until I am satisfied that I have accurate readings. These are the keys I will tune to get them within the 1.0 hz margin. I don’t want to begin tuning until I am confident that I have good readings. The readings for my M-32C are somewhat unusual and have a pattern of sorts, as you can see. I’m not sure how much one can generalize about factory tuning from a sample of one, but it’s better at least than a sample of none. I will proceed with tuning my M-32C to A=443, even though it’s hard to guess what standard was being applied at the factory.

The M-32C readings are given to the right, and then the +/- 1 hz differences.

A443 M-32C

C4——-263.4——262.3— [-1.1]
C#4—–279.1——277.7— [-1.4]
D4——-295.7——294.6— [-1.1]
D#4—–313.2——312.0— [-1.2]
F4——-351.6——349.9— [-1.7]
F#4——372.5—–369.6— [-2.9]
A4——-443.0——-439.5— [-3.5]
A#4—–469.3—–466.1— [-3.2]
B4——497.3——494.0— [-3.3]
C5——526.8——523.4— [-3.4]
D5——591.3——589.6— [-1.7]
D#5—–626.5——624.0— [-2.5]
E5——663.8——662.2— [-1.6]
G5——789.3——790.3— [+1.0]
G#5—–836.3——839.0— [+2.7]
A5——886——–888.9— [+2.9]
A#5—–938.7——940.2— [+1.5]
B5——994.5——1000.0— [+5.5]
C6——1053.6—–1056.0— [+2.4]

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