Reply To: Reed Plates


Hello Gayle, I bought one of the first Hammond 44 when they first came out and for the exception of a little tuning here and there it’s been a work horse. I have just about every pro Melodica made and the Hammond is my go to melodica. I did purchase a “hand tuned” Excalibur a couple of months back and returned it because right out of the box the tuning was way off and I had to EQ the melodica so much to get the feed back to stop it sounded horrible. I currently run my Hammond 44 and Hyper through a Traynor k4 amp. Not really happy with the pickups on both Hammonds but better than the Excalibur. I have my Vibrandoneon serviced at an accordion shop here in Los Angeles and they replaced a reed for me there, actually he had to custom make it for me. What city are you in.

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