Reply To: New Hammond SS Soprano Melodica


Can we confirm the range of the the new Hammond and the MX-27S?
If I’m reading the specs right, they both have their highest notes pitched just one whole tone above the standard three octave alto model.
I fail to see what makes them soprano, or what advantage they would be?

As far as I know, the S-32C is the only melodica that goes up to the high C two octaves above middle C? (feel free to correct me on this)
To re-iterate my review it does put you in a different place sonically closer to what the range of a C tuned harmonica would cover.
I plan on getting another one at some point.(Alan keep us posted on those sales!)
I like the usual alto range F-below middle C up to three octaves above for solo playing but I think the lower octave can quickly lose it’s identity or even get muddied with other instruments.

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