Reply To: New Hammond S-27H


Alan, there is a Suzuki S-27 but I was looking at the S-32 Suzuki not sure about the C. I think the one inside your Mylodica is a Melodyhorn, but not sure. The Mylodica I have (alto) is basically a mishmash of a cheap Melodyhorn and Oak. I have one and don’t use it at all simply because I can only get about 30 minutes of play time before the gargle sound sets in, so for recording once that happens I don’t have the time to wait for it to dry out. Its a really bad design or should I say after market design. The Suzuki S-32 that I have seen run about $120.00 bucks New. I have never seen it for that cheap, I will look tonight on Amazon to see if it is the same one. I will probably buy the Hammond S-27, if it is anything like the 44 or Hyper or even the Bass BB, I know I will probably like the sound and feel of it.

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