Reply To: New Hammond S-27H

Alan Brinton


My Suzuki S-32C arrived today via Amazon from ShopCheapSkate for $49.99 with free delivery. It is new and has no signs of wear or defect, and all the notes play fine, though the sound is pretty thin right at the high end. I will post more about this model under General melodica discussion after I’ve played it some, checked the tuning (which seems good), and disassembled it. Externally, this melodion is exactly the same as the M-32C except for its nice burgundy color — same tray with same “vent” holes, spit valve, etc. It is exactly one octave higher. Happy about all that, as I love the M-32C. ShopCheapSkate had just one for sale, but I’ll keep my eye on them. They had the MX-32C for $39.99 for the past few days, two of them, but sold one and now have it at $49.50 That’s still a good price, but I don’t know about the MX series.


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