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Daren Banarsë

When my Mylodica arrived n the post a few years ago, I have to admit, I was immediately disappointed with the sound. It’s not a bad sound, but for the price, I was expecting something a little special, perhaps along the lines of the Hammond 44HP.

The case on mine was neatly finished/varnished, but very basic in design. No hardwood, or dovetail joints like the Vibrandoneon – more akin to flatpack ‘ikea’ furniture.

I used it a lot, because I really like the look of it, and it does have a warm sound and even keyboard. I was very interested in what melodica had been places inside, and my research led me to the Angel Melodyhorn 37. Compared to the Angel Melodyhorn, the Mylodica had no tonal advantages, but was the clear aesthetic winner.

I had two problems with the Mylodica. Firstly, the plastic section was actually jammed inside, and couldn’t be removed for tuning. Secondly, there was no moisture release valve in the wooden casing. This resulted in the end section of wood warping, and an ugly gap forming between this piece and the main body.

mylodica damage

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