Reply To: Mouthpieces & Tubes


Hey Lowboy,

thanks a lot; the Hamlet piece is more than five years old, so I actually used my old Hohner Piano 36 with a trumpet mouthpiece. The idea of using other mouthpieces occurred to me only a few months ago when I began to try out new ways of producing sounds on the Vibrandoneon. And yes, there are problems with attaching other mouthpieces to a melodica which I couldn’t resolve until today (honestly I didn’t try too hard because there are so many other interesting things to try out…).

During the recording session five years ago I also recorded some soundscapes consisting of keyboard sounds, some with actually playing the melodica at the same time, some without. In my opinion this is a fantastic way to add new sound aspects to melodica playing. You can even produce real good click sounds when triggering or releasing the keys or add a little breath by not closing your lips completely around the mouthpiece but letting a little air float by. So you get an airier tone.

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