Reply To: Honer hm 32?


Hi Simchaleh,

Exactly which Hohner model did you purchase? A vintage HM 32 made in Germany or a new Hohner 32 made some where else?

Did you buy it new or used?

To answer your question, I think all the Hohner melodicas I have (all are vintage) are very well constructed. I would say some design features (simpler mechanical action, materials of construction) would make the HM 32 a bit more intermediate level than say the Hohner Piano 36 from a playability and sound perspective. However, I actually like the sound of the HM 32 (though my bandmates are telling me they prefer the richer brighter sound of my Yamaha P25F on some songs). The soundscape of a song really dictates which melodica to use. Some melodicas fit perfect with some songs and sound out of place in others.

The Yamaha P25F and P32D are very high quality melodicas in my opinion. In fact, after owning an P25F for a couple of weeks, I just purchased a P32D. The Yamaha’s design and precise fit and finish, the compact feel that Alan talks about, and the keyboard action are impressive. Clearly Yamaha is using modern materials and production techniques to create a great melodica. You can buy these Yamaha melodicas on Ebay now from US dealers for about $60 to $65. That is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

So, the good news is, if you can buy both (vintage Hohners and modern Yamahas), you can have quite a variation in sound to fit various soundscapes and to keep your audience interested.


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