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Daren BanarsëDaren Banarsë

Andy and Oscar – intriguing developments!

This is the info on the site (edited for clarity):

The former BALLONE-BURINI-Eolina will be renamed Vibrandoneon from 2014, of which the rights were transferred from Victoria to BALLONE-BURINI.

They will now manufacture the following models:

Piano-Vibrandoneon: 37 or 45 keys
Button-Vibrandoneon 37 notes (3 rows), or 49 notes (4 rows graded)

Blowing technique: only on blowing/preasure, or on blowing and sucking

Case: black plastic, or natural maple wood

Internal make up of the blowing-and-sucking Vibrandoneon: 2 reed sets without reed valves, 1 rank on blowing, 1 rank on sucking

So, it looks like the 2 reed sets will be at the same pitch – one assigned to blowing, the other assigned to sucking..?

Black plastic sounds like a good idea. It won’t look as nice, but would eliminate so many of the existing problems

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