Reply To: Buying Criteria

Alan Brinton

Good additions, Kevin. I notice on my new Suzuki M-32C that the response on the bottom end is a bit slow. It’s otherwise a terrific melodica. The slow response does require more air. My lungs fail me on the Suzuki Bass 24.

I thought about tone color after I posted and was embarrassed that I overlooked something so important.

I think a semi-official list of criteria for reviews should probably be shorter and in any case not include some items on my list. As important as tone color is, isn’t this a matter of personal preference and of what kind of sound you’d like to get? Toots Thielemans is one of my top ten Jazz players, so I came to the melodica looking for a harmonica sound. One of you guys could come up with a better rubric than I could for different kinds of tone color. I’m almost always thinking in terms of Jazz standards and tend to be thinking of particular players I love, such as Chet Baker on trumpet and Gerry Mulligan on sax. I know my melodica won’t sound like a trumpet or saxophone.

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