Reply To: Wood case and miking

Gianluca Barbaro

Thanks Daren, Melodica-Me. I will try the baking soda trick, even if the smell is definitely going away. I decided to use a “strong” product because I noticed that the condensation is coming out not just from the valve, but (mainly, according to my playing style) from all key vents. I didn’t want to modify the melodica in itself and, after all, adding some tubing to the valve (very nice trick, Daren!) wouldn’t have solved the problem. At the moment, the valve is surrounded by cork with a open hole at the bottom, hopefully it shouldn’t leak over wood.
I isolated the electronic compartment with some cork and varnish, it should be safe. The only exposed parts are the mic capsules, but I couldn’t find a solution to that, so I guess they will have to be replaced in time.
For the moment I installed two generic, standard quality electret capsules I already had (I did some experimenting with recorders some years ago): they do their job, but their dynamic range is limited and they go into saturation if I play some loud chords. I was thinking about buying something from these guys
Do you have any advice?

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