Reply To: Vintage Hohner Melodica Professional restoration — need a reed


Hello Clep, the best way is to remove a small portion of wax at the end of the reed and pry the reed out with a sharp knife, it will come out easy. Now you can chip the wax out when the reed is removed, mush easier. When you are ready to replace the reed simply lightly brush a little hot wax on the frame place, sit the reed in and then brush some wax around the reed. I have used this method several times and works perfect. Brushing the wax on is easier than if you pour there wax on. use a thin artist brush I use the ones that you can get 10 for $5 USD cheap ones 3/32. For only one reed you can heat up a teaspoon spoon of wax over a candle or stove top.
hope this helps

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