Reply To: Hohner Student 32 gasket leakage

Nathan Vander Wilt

The M37-C does look really nice, and only about $60 on the US Amazon site at the moment! Absolutely would have been a better option in hindsight. I will have some explaining to do when there are four melodicas in the house, but after a long/tiring/somewhat frustrating but mostly all invoice-able week at the grindstone the allure of a NON-project was too great 😉

I’m calling this my plan: enjoy the M37-C directly in the music room, attempt to fix the Mylodica using the Melodyhorn, then slap the Hohner together and Mylodica leftovers together to divest as parts or donate to a charity shop. Meanwhile I’ve brought this thread fairly off-topic, so I will try to update with any notes from any slap-dash repair of the Student 32.

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