Reply To: Hohner Student 32 gasket leakage

Nathan Vander Wilt

That sounds like a nice deal Paul, and not a terrible price even if it turns out to be for parts.

I did work my own Hohner into a package deal with the Mylodica, but all the same… I’m might be learning a lesson re. used melodicas. Now I just “won” a Melodyhorn on eBay, at a relatively high minimum bid. Hoping it does fix the Mylodica. If not, then for the low price combining to nearly $100 plus all my research… there’s a chance I end up with three worn-out melodicas instead of just getting a decent new one in the first place :-/

But I digress… sounds like your vote on the Hohner Student 32 would be to consider it fully depreciated, caulk it shut, and leave it out for the kids to play [and PB&J sandwich] on?

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