Reply To: Yamaha P37D vs Suzuki M37

Julie C.

Sorry Alan, missed your info re: pics.
Excalibur: Total. Piece. Of. Shit. I got completely ripped off by those guys, $150 bucks for a melodica not worth $30, Jim Labbs or whatever his name is, out in Wisconsin, they sell through eBay. Claim their instrument is “professional” and have a guy demo’ing it in a YouTube video, but of course the sound pumped up by amplification, mic’g, whatever. Huge delay in shipping after I paid promptly was because the old guy who “hand tunes them first” was out sick (he was 80, for all I knew he was gonna drop dead any minute). So I get it and it’s like a Stagg, just a toy, only black, not red (bro gave me a red Stagg for Christmas). Went out of tune immediately. No spit valve (that works). My brother tuned it as best he could, it went out again. I’ve been playing only the 32 keys (not 37) for a while cos it’s been out of tune so long. Anyone wanna buy my brand new BLUE Suzuki M32C? I’ll ship it to ya gratis if I can figure out where to get a black one, cos that’s the one I wanted!

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