Reply To: Silvertone Orgamonica

Pam A

Thanks so much for the swift response Alan! Yes, the offending key sticks. It is the high E. I do get sound with the key depressed but the key sticks and then the reed sounds when other keys are played. So I suspect the key mechanism is the issue. I’m tending to leave it or just open that end cover like you suggested. Brilliant idea there! Then shouldn’t have to deal with the whole gasket thing but could take a peak at the key. Super suggestion. As to the sound, I really like it! The keys are rather clacky but the sound is sweet and it appears to be really air tight. I like the sounds – guess I would describe it as a harmonica sound. I’m a real amateur so not sure of all the terms tossed around here. The unit is rather heavy compared to other melodicas I have but it is 34 keys and does have that wooden board inside. Your photos have been so helpful! Thanks for posting them. My lowest C key is quite springy but sounds fine and doesn’t stick so I am leaving well enough alone at that end!

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