Reply To: Research Masters focusing on Melodica and Composition (Split: 2017 Melodica Goals!)


Nathan, thanks for the interest! I think that most answers to your questions you will find in my tutorial:

<bloc3. Have you experimented much with the melodica, electronics maybe?kquote>
I connected my Hammond-44 to the processors and amplification – the result wasn’t satisfactory. I prefer a microphone.
</bloc4. How do you think it could be improved?kquote>
The electronic version of the same size and weight, containing breath control and sampler , allowing to play microtones.

</bloc5. FINALLY What do you love about the melodica? (everyone is here I imagine because they enjoy playing and experimenting just as much as I do)kquote>

Melodica is closer to the soul, though not as a harp.

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