Reply To: Melodica in Roots Rock Acoustic Setting


Hi Quetscher,

The third generation Piano 26/27/32 series sound about as dark as it gets, primarily because the sound holes face down. If you flip the melodica over and play it upside down, it seems much brighter but still has a darker sound than most.

I will never forget receiving several brands of melodicas in the mail on the same day when I first started to explore them. I played the Hohner Piano 3rd generation model last. The moment I heard it, I knew it was the one for me.

Pressing it against your chest really deepens and darkens the sound more, which is the tone I like.

But EQ does play an important roll as it does with any instrument. I like it bright sometimes so that I can play it muffled against my chest and then get a wicked, bright, horn-type stab by lifting the melodica outward.

But mostly I round off the top and middle pretty steeply and boost around 350 or 400 hz. It makes for a very tight compact sound that is dark. Yet the Green Bullet mic and tube distortion still give it some character in the upper frequencies. Or something like that.


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