Reply To: New guy introduction, take 2

Joshua Paxton

The case is this SKB case:

The foam inserts are made from those interlocking gym floor tiles; I got a pack of them and cut and glued them together. It was really just dumb luck that everything fit together as perfectly as it did.

I run my entire rig through a small mixer, then either direct to the house, or else through a SpaceStation amp, depending on the venue.

The range on the G10 is supposed to be 50 feet, but I don’t think I’ve pushed it past about 20 feet. But it’s been reliable and given me no problems, and I haven’t noticed any signal loss with it.

My next mod will be to make the hose a couple inches longer, and fit a ring-shaped magnet around it just below the mouthpiece rather than having one stuck on with tape. Sadly I don’t think I’ll get that done in time for this weekend, which is the opening of the New Orleans Jazz Fest, but hopefully I’ll have it done for the second weekend.

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