Reply To: Shoulder strap?


Just because the air entrance hole is near the low notes does not mean that the air enters the air chamber near the low notes. While this is often the case, in some melodicas, air travels well over 30 inches from the entrance hole and passes over the high notes before reaching the low notes.

The low notes still rob air from the high notes. The low notes are still slower to respond than the higher notes.

I use air robbing as an effect. I hold down some low notes and a high note at the same time. The low notes sound at low pressure. But then I increase the pressure and the higher note starts to sound (slowly or quickly depending on how fast I increase the pressure and what notes are being played and how many notes are being played). There are many ways to do this and the various effects can add a lot of expression.

More and more I am using my left hand to add a high note as an accent or to increase harmonic complexity. I usually just play one of the top four notes while still holding the melodica at the water valve end with my left hand.

I personally have no desire to play two melodicas at once. One of the attributes I love about the melodica is that it is simple and somewhat limited in polyphony (designed for monophonic or douphonic performance). I like to work and explore within limits. It forces me to be creative.


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