Reply To: Suzuki A-34(School 34)

Alan Brinton

Suzuki’s very first keyboard harmonica (piano key style) was the Super 34, introduced in 1961 and replaced in 1972 by the A-34 (School 34), which was replaced in turn by the now current A-34C in 1991. The original versions of all three models are shown in Suzuki Melodion melodica charts, company documents, from one of which this illustration is drawn:

From Suzuki Company models chart

Notice the difference in key size and key range between the Super 34 and the later School 34 and A-34C. The Super 34 is very rare, the School 34 less so. The A-34C is very similar to the School 34. But, in addition to stylistic changes, the 34C has an improved spit valve mechanism and a small rubber bladder at the low end of the reed chamber.

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