Reply To: new 6+6 plastic melodica ?


You can check the YT video again. I have seen the seller put his emailadress online for orders.
Apparantly this Thai music teacher has now 20 of this melodicas for sale.

Although this layout (6+6 whole tone scale) is a very old idea, dating from the 17th century, it was only used for pianos (the chromatic layout piano, chromo-piano, Janko, etc) and some accordions (Reuther and Beyreuther).

This is the first time I know it has been used on melodicas, and it is a small revolution in the melodica world.

I am also interested in buying this kind of 6+6 whole tone layout melodica, but I would prefer only two colours, white for the first row, and black for the second row.
The grey colour makes it looking a bit too complicated.

By the way, one can of course also create the 3 row system : 4+4+4, making it a plastic (French) accordina.

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