new 6+6 plastic melodica ?

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    Spotted this on YT, if it is a 6+6 Janko layout melodica, this is a good idea.
    I don’t know if this a unique make, or something that will go in series production.

    Don’t know why it is called magical, it looks to be a Janko melodica.
    One needs only 2 fingering layouts, one starting from the bottom row of keys, and the second starting from the top row of keys.
    Would look easier with only the white and black colours. Don’t quite understand why a third colour is used.
    But it would be great if this could go into series production !

    Magical Melodion (Magical Melodica)

    Shannon M

    That looks interesting. I was going to try to kludge something similar together, but this would be a lot easier. Looks like the gray keys are the “crossover” keys, shared by both fingering layouts. Of course, that all changes if you change keys, which is kind of the point. 8^)



    You can check the YT video again. I have seen the seller put his emailadress online for orders.
    Apparantly this Thai music teacher has now 20 of this melodicas for sale.

    Although this layout (6+6 whole tone scale) is a very old idea, dating from the 17th century, it was only used for pianos (the chromatic layout piano, chromo-piano, Janko, etc) and some accordions (Reuther and Beyreuther).

    This is the first time I know it has been used on melodicas, and it is a small revolution in the melodica world.

    I am also interested in buying this kind of 6+6 whole tone layout melodica, but I would prefer only two colours, white for the first row, and black for the second row.
    The grey colour makes it looking a bit too complicated.

    By the way, one can of course also create the 3 row system : 4+4+4, making it a plastic (French) accordina.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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