Reply To: How to record my Melodica

Daren Banarsë

Well, I’ve recorded a lot of melodicas, in different studios, with various microphones over the years. Some of the high end studios, like Angel, in London, use Neuman microphones, though we did also use a vintage tube mic once for recording the Clavietta.

Interestingly enough though, my favourite melodica recordings have been made at home with much cheaper ‘dynamic’ mics. Dynamic mics are normally used for live gigging, because they’re a bit rough and ready. But their characteristics suit the melodica perfectly. They take away the shrill high end, and leave a warm punchy sound.

As well as a suitable microphone, you need a suitable room to record in. Ideally it will be free of reflections, meaning the sound will not be coloured too much by the shape of the room. Try a room with a lot of carpet, soft furnishing and closed curtains.

Having said that, you might have a more ‘live’ room (lots of reflections), that sounds really nice. If so, go ahead and use that. Your recording will have the sound of the room in it, as well as the sound of the instrument.

I’ve had great professional results recording with a portable recorder called the Zoom H6 , which I placed on a sofa which I was sitting on. This is how I recorded my Irish video

Another cheap mic that I particularly like for the melodica is the Shure SM58. Of course, you’d also need a laptop, or recording device to go with it.

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