Reply To: Hohner Cassotto 26 Made in Germany

Pam A

Hi Alan! Played my Cassotto a bit today. It is very tight. The lowest C is a tad sticky but immediately opens up once it is played. The keys are a bit “clacky” when played as compared to my Hohner 26 and 27 as well as my Yamaha P37D BUT that being said, I really love the sound of this little baby. It is rather light and breathy compared to the others, especially the Hohner 26 and 27. It is very reminiscent of a harmonica to my untrained ear. I did contact the seller before buying and they responded promptly with accurate information. If they still have the other one available and you are interested, I would definitely contact them. They did a good job wrapping it up and shipping it. It arrived in good shape and I had to work at unwrapping it. Best wishes.

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