Reply To: Jon Batiste. as new Late Show bandleader


You are looking him Kevin!

I am playing keyboard harmonica exclusively in a group even though I own several other keyboards. I have been gigging with the keyboard harmonica for nearly a year now, and I can tell you people love it and are facinated by it.

I just bowed out of an acoustic trio to join an acoustic octet or nonet playing soulful music. The new group is all acoustic having double bass, acoustic guitars, percussionist, banjo, and more, and lots of singers. The melodica is great in this setting. In the trio, the keyboard harmonica is a bit too much by itself for an entire evening. In a larger group, the keyboard harmonica can play lots of deep background, which is fun, and then rise to the occassion and play solos too. I think I am going to like this setting. We have some great players and a great feel to the music.

Oh, did you mean a star melodica player? Maybe I will make local TV one of these days! 🙂



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