Reply To: Jon Batiste. as new Late Show bandleader


Although Jon Batiste has a great venue to showcase the Melodica, you have to remember that the Melodica has been performed on some of the most popular songs since the 60’s. It’s the misconception of many musicians that consider the Melodica a toy and do not realize or are knowledgable of the contributions the Melodica has done in music since its creation. Jon Batiste has brought the Melodica to another level and hopefully with time another step will be reached by other performers. The Melodica is a very popular instrument with Indie and Reggae groups who do consider it a valued part of their sound. A long time ago the harmonica was not considered a professional instrument but it is now. It does not help when someone posts a popular song thrashed by a badly played Melodica to get a laugh on You tube. We need to post videos of well recorded and played Melodica so people will want to go out and buy one and join this great forum.
Monsters of Melodica

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