Reply To: Melodica Museum

Alan Brinton

I would like to have further discussion about this. There are existing collections with whom we might inquire, musical instrument museums, harmonica museums, in Europe and and in the U.S. Maybe at some university? I am willing to seriously consider donating items from my collection at some point. It’s best to investigate the possibilities carefully and be sure classic vintage melodicas are not donated to an institution that will just put them in storage. I would be enthusiastic about someplace that (1) focuses on the history of the instrument, (2) is committed to restoration of rare melodicas where necessary, (3) has some kind of an audio component, not only displaying instruments but enabling visitors (physical or Internet) to hear performances on them, (4) is not limited too severely by affiliation with a particular manufacturer. These are just initial thoughts. I haven’t checked into this place, but here’s one kind of possibility.

We have, as Melodica Worlders, the resources in terms of historical knowledge, some excellent players, experience with vintage melodicas/keyboard harmonicas, to help coordinate something and provide support.

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