Reply To: Expressiveness


So in regards to the expressiveness of the melodica, I have worked and explored the Hohner HM-26/27/32 series of melodicas from every angle for the last 1.5 years to unravel the expressive capabilities of this series of instruments. Even after that length of time, I continue to have breakthroughs every week.

I think I can now say that I have figured out how to make these Hohner melodicas as expressive as a harmonica. My execution needs refinement in some areas, but I have learned how to: (a) bend notes in the UPPER register, (b) elicit several types of natural acoustic distortion, (c) get lower reeds to respond in sympathy with upper reeds (without playing the lower reeds) (I think that is what I am hearing.), (d) get huge wha wha effects, huge tonal modulations, tremolo/vibrato, and (e) coax moans, grunts, and other tortured but musical sounds from the instrument.

I plan on making a recording to demonstrate some of these techniques soon. Between work, exploring the expressiveness of the melodica, and trying to get an acoustic musical group off the ground, it seems I have little time for recording. But I am very excited about some of these breakthroughs and would like to share them as soon as I can.



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