Reply To: My dream melodica


I read quite a lot about the small air chamber of the Yamaha. Owning this instrument, I agree that it has a beautiful response due to that.

While reading others complaining about other instruments with bigger air chamber (piano 36? pro 36?) yet having superior sound, I had a thought: is it possible to reduce the size of the air chamber by artificially adding material into it?
I don’t know how’s the water situation in your country, but the situation in mine is not the best. I ran into an idea few years ago which aims to reduce the capacity of the toilet flush tank by adding a bottle filled with water into it. That way this 1.5~2 litter of water is always there and is never flushed, making the toilet consume 1.5~2 litters less on each flush.

Then the obvious suggestion would be to add a small plastic box glued inside the air chamber, just to make it smaller.

I waited to get my Pro 36 in order to test this idea theoretically (and the need practically), but as you started this post I just had to take it out.

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