Reply To: A new piano and melodica video


Alan, your post is pretty much spot on. If you play one type of music and your music style is relatively and consistently the same over and over, then I agree with Ofir that it is possible to find a “One Size Fits All” melodica. I play many different types of Jazz not just one, so No I personally could never use a single Melodica to work with everything I do, as I would not be able to use one specific piano to record Jazz then country and then blues it just does not work with the people I work with, pianos are not all the same. I think Lowboy can shed some light on his experience with different types of Harmonicas, I don’t think he only plays one. My Brother in-law has been a union musician for over 56 years here in Los Angeles. When he gets the call for a session, his first question is “what kind of sound are you looking for” so he can make sure to take the right tenor, alto or baritone saxophone for recording. If you think I have a lot of Melodica’s his collection of woodwind instruments is amazing.

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