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Hello Dan, I take it you saw the one up on Ebay. I own the 36-N, unfortunately it is not a very good mic. The main reason is simple, it is a high impedance mic, and feed back is pretty bad. Even if you have an acoustic amplifier you may get a little bit more volumne. You are also limited to about a 5-7 foot cord. What is worth the money is the housing. You can remove the mic it comes with and install a low impedeance mic or use an accordion pick up and install it in the housing, you will get a lot more volumne and bottom. I purchased mine for that reason, one of the problems the Piano-36 is that the sound come from above and through the keys. Unlike the Pro-36 that has vented sound holes where you can stick a Myers pick up and not pick up the keys clanking. Let me know if you would like for me to take pictures of it and send them to you or post. Mine is not modified yet, I don’t use my Piano-36 to much so I am in no rush to make the mods yet. Plus I use a Myers pick up on my Pro-36.

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