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Hey Lowboy, the Electra is controlled by a photo cell that lights up depending on the amount of air you blow in. The harder you blow the brighter the light gets so then the louder it gets, the softer you blow the light is not as bright and the sound is softer. You can create your own vibrato easily by your own air. there is very little modulation that you can create. I am still experimenting so I will have to get back to you on that one. There is no portamento or slide which would have been cool but no deal. you can change the octave up or down which is a nice feature. Basic electronics but yes considered a synthesizer. I am sure it has an oscillator, voltage control amplifier and a filter, but not like a Moog or ARP that can me controlled via wave form and amplitude adjuster or sweep. The wave form is minimal (sine and square I do not hear a saw tooth) so all the sounds sound similar with some tweaking needed. I will be installing a new pot that adjust the frequency in the 6 tone selector as it dose not sweep properly and has a small bump at mid point. I tried to clean it but it does not change as expected. It does open up the opportunity for different pedals, the first will probably be a wah-wah to try to create note bending effect. The Electra is different than lets say a Midi keyboard with breath control, the notes will not play unless you blow air in and press a key. When I get some time I will do a recoding of it and post it in the forum. The funny thing is, I am trying to make it sound more like a Melodica LOL.
Monsters of Melodica

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