Reply To: Playability & Viabilityof Vintage Melodicas

Alan Brinton

Correction: The original Suzuki A-25 (and presumably the Study 25) is identified in another source as produced from 1968 to 1972, rather than from my other source dates given above of 1967-69. There is another, later A-25 dated 1972-85. It is important to achieve accuracy. I’ll be saying more later about the sources and the general issue of dating melodicas. Dates given by eBay sellers and on other auction sites are a questionable source, except for those cases in which some documentation is included with the sale item, such as a receipt, dated company brochure, or something like that. The earliest Suzuki melodions seem to be late 50s Hohner style “piano flutes” from 1960 and a Melodion 34 introduced in 1961.

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