Reply To: Semi-Vintage Hohners?


I believe there are 3 vintage piano 26 models. The grey one is the one with the brass reeds, etc… There is another model that looks just like the grey but it is black and made out of plastic. (and it is bigger) The black is not the same as the grey… This one (the black) was my first hohner melodica, and it is much worse than the grey one: tone, key response, case, etc.. it is not a “top” instrument.. And then there is another 26 model, also made out of plastic, black colour, but the mouthpiece is like a trumpet ( it looks just like the piano 27 photo reviewed by Kevin ) This model I think was made in Italy and it is called cassotto 26 instead of piano 26. I never tried it so I can’t say anything about it. The red one is the piano 27, the grey is the piano 26. Only the grey 26 and the red 27 are made of metal, and they are older than the black models… (I guess, I’m not 100% sure).

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