Reply To: Amplification for Melodicas


So now you have me thinking about amplification again.

I tried my other keyboard harmonica setup that includes a Shure Green Bullet mic to an MXR bass compressor to a Lone Wolf Blues Company Harp Break (distortion pedal with bass boost), to a Lone Wolf Blues Company Harp Delay, to a solid state amp (my studio amp and monitors or my JBL powered stage monitors).

My goodness. The sound is huge, deep, racious. Almost indistinguishable from a harp if I use the right technique. I like it a lot. It reawakened me to the distorted sound (again!). It is like watching a mouse and hearing it roar like a lion.

I simply must have both clean and dirty sounds I guess. You guys are to blame for this. 🙂

Recordings to come as soon as I can get to it. There is so much going on musically that it is hard to find the time to make recordings.


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