Reply To: Hohner Melodica, classic versus new

Adam Tombs

Hi Oscar,

Thank you for the welcome! I was certainly not questioning your position on the differences between the different hohners, your experience as a professional musician who actually owns these ‘unicorns of melodica’ is something I can learn from.

I just love the older hohners, I have the push button ansd also the piano key style metal bodied ones and the sound is very nice. My collecting compulsion is nicely settled now in sourcing older Melodicas, although my ability in playing any keyboard is not so great, coming from a guitar, whistle and drum background in Irish Trad and Australian folk.

In fact, my six year old daughter and I are at roughly the same ability however I fear she will outstrip me before too long on the keyboard as she is much more talented than I am and has the advantage of getting proper tuition (she also has been playing longer haha).

When I bought the Piano 36 on that auction site we all know well, It was advertised in the description as a Professional, my schoolboy German was good enough to decipher that it worked. it was of course not as advertised, nonetheless, it works well, did not cost much and is in tune not a bad outcome from ebay

Thank you for this information, I have listened to your music on youtube and was blown away. I would buy a CD or download if you had any for sale.


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