Reply To: Help with Finding Vibrandoneon Reeds


Binci’s reply: “Binci fdactory not build reeds for virabandoneon.”

I’ve tried having a local accordion guy replace the reeds. My accordion guy made me one out of whatever accordion reeds are usually made of. There was a very slight tonal difference that became more pronounced/softer in volume over time. When my next reed broke while on tour, and the local accordion guy opened the instrument, we discovered that the replacement reed had rusted and was not in good condition, so it’s clear that I need the same rust-resistant material to craft new reeds. If I had the specs/supplier info, I could get some and have my craftsman make the reeds from that. Unfortunately, Victoria is not being helpful with regard to sharing that information. They tell me I can get the reeds from them, and then don’t respond for months…

Does anyone know what the specs for the reed material are and where I can get it? I believe it is Swedish stainless steel.


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