Reply To: Getting a Blues Sound from Your Melodica


Thanks Alan,

I think I am going to remove my demo and replace it with another demo with another recommendation as I have found the magic bullet as of last night I do believe.

Last night I received the Lone Wolf Blues “Harp Octave” pedal. The name suggests octave generator, but it is really more like a distortion pedal. It is simply awesome. The sound is much like that on my recording entitled “Melodica Blues Solo with Distorted Sound” on my SoundCloud page, only better.

So I am going to redo my demo recording.

The following seems to be the perfect combination for a nice rich, harp-tone, Chicago blues sound for melodica: Compressor to the Harp Octave to the Harp Delay to the amp.

The slight rounding of the high end and the slight bass boost of each of these pedals, when combined, provide a perfect sound. They take the harshness out of the melodica sound, give it a harp-like tonality, thicken the sound, yet still enable the richness of the melodica to come through. Each type of melodica maintains its own character. Plus you get delay and distortion that provides the Chicago Blues sound.

For a basic melodica blues sound, that is all you need to get started in a big way. Less is more.

Can’t wait to spend some time with this combination over the week end. I am jamming with an upright bass player and acoustic guitar player this weekend (blues of course), so it will be very interesting to see how this sound fits it.

I think my search is over for a basic blues sound. Now I can focus on technique. I will keep you posted.



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