Reply To: New Monsters of Melodica Recording Mr. Pc


Lol, thanks Alan, and no on the thumbs, artist interpretation only, though sometimes I feel I am all thumbs. I really like the versatility of the Hammond melodions, they are truly professional grade, they work well in the studio and live.
After messing with the amplification for months and finally circling back to the same amp I started with was a little frustrating but, I guess weight should not have been an obstical but more of a challenge. The Traynor K4 has a bass speaker, mid range speaker and a tweeter for the highs. This set up works great for all three Hammond melodions? So I am going to put the $1500 bucks I was going to on use on my new amplifier toward the new Balone Burini Vibrandoneon when it comes out this fall or if it ever comes out.

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