Reply To: Cause for going out of tune


Hi Guys,

Thanks for all of the information. I think you have nailed it. As it turns out, I have damaged the reed in the P-25F trying to adjust the reed gap. I will try tuning the P-32D when I get a chance and let you know if it stays in tune.

I will probably order reed plates from Yamaha. If you spend more than fifty dollars at their online parts store, they ship for free. So two plates and a mouthpiece will get me free shipping.

One reed plate without shipping is about half the cost of a P-25F, so it is probably worth it.

Well, I learned an important lesson. I normally do not play really really loud. Just loud. But with crappy monitors at the blues jam, I had to play really really loud to hear myself. It seems good monitors are a requirement when playing live. I am still looking around for an amp to use as a monitor. But I have yet to make it to Guitar Center to try various amps with my instrument.

Thanks again for your help.



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